What do our guests have to say about us?

I went on the Four Points Adventure to Death Valley in March 2016, and it was great! Todd & Steve – our guides – took excellent care of us. Steve is a great cook. His campside shakshouka (a delicious breakfast dish of tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggs and spices) was better than the one I’ve made at home in my full kitchen, and I am still craving the lentil dip he served up for one of our cocktail hours. He took great care of the vegetarians (like me) and meat-eaters alike! Todd makes a delicious Manhattan and was an excellent guide on a day trip to Death Valley’s Racetrack and Grandstand as well as an old, abandoned mine. The Racetrack and Grandstand were a major highlight for me! Parts of the road to get to those spots were gnarly, but Todd knew exactly what he was doing and I felt totally safe riding along. Plus, he picked a fantastic overlook spot for our lunch break (where we consumed delicious sandwiches and other treats Steve had made up for us). Todd and Steve are also both great 4WD navigators–not only did they have no trouble getting their vehicles and trailers through some pretty interesting spots, they were great guides to the guests in our group who drove their own vehicles. I was quite impressed.

I’ve been to Death Valley multiple times but never to these spots. I have previously stuck to the places accessible by paved roads and the trails accessible from those roads. So I loved seeing other parts of the park! The drives were full of spectacular scenery and wildflowers. We also heard coyotes and burros arguing early one morning (from our tents), watched a wild burro walk past our campsite (with occasional braying) and saw a horned toad on our day trip to the Grandstand/Racetrack. That might be more wildlife than I’ve ever seen in Death Valley before. And the hot springs and shower at the second campsite were fabulous (fair warning: as with many hot springs in natural areas, most folks will be nude).

I especially liked that our second full day in the park we had the option to hang out at camp or go on the day trip to the Grandstand/Racetrack. When the day trippers returned to camp, it was clear that those who stayed behind had had a wonderful day of exploring, soaking in the hot springs, napping, reading, and eating well. Overall, the trip was a good mix of sight-seeing, 4 wheel-driving, hanging out by the campfire, making new friends, and eating well. I might have liked a bit more time for hiking, but it’s hard to say what I would have given up to have that time.

The Tepui pop up tents were more comfortable than I expected. I added a tad of extra padding (thermorest) to mine the second night specifically because I’m having some issues with my hip and sleep on my side. But even the first night without that was quite comfy. And we had great views of the stars from the tent and a nice, enclosed, private changing room below. Just great!

It was such a treat to be camping and do no cooking or cleaning up (and no setting up of tents either)! I’d travel this way all the time if I could!

Elaine M. / Reviewed on Yelp

I was recommended Four Points Adventures by a friend who kept raving about their recent trip. I signed up for their Bodie/Mono Lake trip and I must say I was extremely impressed and extremely satisfied. I’ve been wanting to go to Bodie for a long time now, and this was definitely the way to do it. These trips are an adventure! You are off the beaten path and you never know what you are going to see around the corner. Todd and Steve have planned a trip that will be sure to leave lasting memories. It was great to get away and get to locations with no one around. Going by 4X4 took the trip to a whole new level. It is amazing the places you can get to and a little hair raising at the same time, but it was amazing. I especially loved traveling on the east side of Mono Lake. We had the place to ourselves and it was such a great time. The food was fantastic too. It’s amazing what Steve can cook up on the side of the road and I learned a new favorite breakfast; shakshouka. I think our favorite moment from the trip was the slot canyons that I had no idea even existed out there. I’d highly recommend this to a friend and we will be planning another trip with Four Points again in the future.

C C. / Reviewed on Yelp

My husband and our two best friends and I had the most fabulous adventure with Todd and his amazing chef Barron. The two of them were professional, fun, organized and provided us with a much needed outdoor adventure trip. We are grateful for the opportunity to see areas for the Mono Lake region that we have never seen before and to eat the amazing and delicious food that Barron cooked up in the wilderness. I would highly recommend this outfitter for anyone looking to take an offroad adventure with all the comforts of home but the beauty of the natural world!

TJ Jone / Reviewed on Google

Long story short: Our trip was flat out amazing!

When a friend suggested this I looked at it and though we are bring our own 4X4 so really we are paying for a guide and someone to cook for us? I thought I have map and a camp stove, we can do that all ourselves. No. We couldn’t.

Todd and his crew provide a trip and experience that is so far above and beyond it is almost hard to put in to words. The food was amazing. As soon as we pulled into camp, before we ever really started to unpack they already had some hot hors d’oeuvres and snacks ready to go. After that the first night we had grilled salmon and shrimp with peanut-butter pie for desert. It went on like this the whole trip.

The first day on the trail we were in an area with a few other people. It was clear what a pro Todd was when we had to stop and help 3 other groups. Though we did not have a bit of trouble nothing would have slowed us down. Some one had a flat tire, no problem we had an air compressor. Someone else had a dead battery, no problem we had a battery booster. Then someone else got stuck in the sand. No problem, Todd had the sand traction ladders ready to go. Later, driving the very same make and model truck as the person who got stuck in the sand right before us but with Todd’s help we drove right through like it was nothing.

The second day on the trail we got so far in the back country off he beaten path we went the whole day on the trail without seeing another person or group. It was truly and amazing trip and I can;t wait to take another or Four Points trips.

Darcie Goodman / Reviewed on Google

Once again the crew provided another great adventure. The only complaint that I have is that I slept in and missed Dani’s pancakes which was of my own doing. I was able to participate in activities I wouldn’t have normally been exposed to and some I just haven’t done in a while. Overall it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had and I didn’t want it to be over.

Jason / Reviewed at Expo

I wanted to thank you for a great adventure! On the way home, I thought about the trip and what I liked and didn’t like. In all honesty, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like! I think everything was very well planned.

I think what makes your adventures really special is the amount and type of activities that were provided. The off-road trip, swimming, hiking was great and I think it had something for everyone. You could do what you wanted to do and the trip catered to all age groups! Traveling in a group is a great way to meet new people and see the sites you’ve always wanted to visit but didn’t want to go it alone!

I had a great time! Thank you for everything! I’m looking forward to Tepui Fest and seeing everyone again!

Julie van Arkel / Reviewed at Expo

Thanks again for great food, people and time. See you at Tepui Fest!

Gordon / Reviewed at Expo

I loved everything about this trip.

You were an awesome guide. The amount of preparation that went in to the trip made it run so smooth. The locations you picked to camp and the off road routes we traveled to get there added an element of adventure. I prefer to camp off the beaten path. I enjoyed the secluded locations of our campsites. There were no other campers for miles and miles….

The thing I enjoyed about this trip the most was the way that all of us bonded along the journey. It was a challenge traveling 100 miles off road and not exactly knowing what was ahead. Each day, when we got to camp, we would all sit together and reflect on our journey. This aspect of the trip developed camaraderie between us all.

Steve / Reviewed at Expo